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There are many reasons to transfer old video tapes to file.

Our equipment is all high-end broadcast. We do not use domestic equipment and can convert and change the aspect ratio and standard from SD to HD & UHD from anything our machines will play off tape.

Quality starts at the beginning so the quality of the recorded tape material will greatly determine the end result.

Master tapes net the greatest result when up-scaling. For example a high quality VHS tape will give a satisfactory result in HD 16:9 whereas a Digital Betacam master will give an excellent result in HD and a satisfactory result in UHD.

This is perfect for converting the old square 4:3 standard definition to 16:9 wide screen high definition and the results are pretty good considering the 20+ year technology gap.

An HDCAM or HDV master tape will give excellent results in UHD commonly called 4K.

Convert your VHS wedding video to wide screen High Definition and give it a fresh new life.

Video tapes are now quite old and suffer badly from temperature changes. This results in the oxide coming of the tape backing so eventually drop outs will occur and the tape will clog the heads of a tape player.

Below are some examples of our conversions

the boat show
Lets talk motorsport
talk shows
tape to file transfer
lennox media group