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When comparing prices from other companies, make sure you are comparing apples with apples. Lots of transfer business we have seen on the internet are offering lower prices due to their use of vastly inferior domestic or outdated peripheral equipment. This results in a much lower final quality. We take pride in ensuring the highest possible standard is achieved during the transfer process. Our 20+ years of broadcast television experience and strict adherence to broadcast standards has set the bench mark by which we operate.

VHS & SVHS to HD $30 per tape hour

Betacam SP to HD $35 per tape hour

Mini DV & DVCAM to HD $30 per tape hour

HDV to UHD $40 per tape hour

Digital Betacam to HD & UHD $40 per tape hour

Delivery of files

Drop box – Included subject to file size limitations.

We can load your files to a supplied HDD or USB thumb drive. Included in the transfer cost.

Drives can be supplied at an additional cost.

Popular output files are .MOV & MP4. Other file formats at specific specs also available.

Contact us about your specific needs.

Send your tapes to us via registered Australia Post & we will deliver them back to you with your HDD or USB drive containing your files.

Payments are to be made prior to us sending your tapes and HDD back to you and can be made via EFT.

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