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Video Tapes

FREE High Definition Upscale On All Tape To File Transfers

Professional video tape to digital file specialist. We transfer legacy PAL video tapes using only the highest level broadcast equipment and can transfer to any digital file type with up-scale and aspect ratio conversion to HD & Ultra HD via the latest Teranex express standards converter. Why you should transfer your tapes.


Australia wide shipping.

No matter where you are located, you can send tapes to us and we will return them and your files by Australia Post with tracking.

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The Machines

We can transfer from any of our fully maintained PAL format video tape machines

1”Reel to Reel C format using  a Sony BVH 2000P

Composite out via internal TBC to SDI

3/4″ U-Matic using  a Sony VO-9800P

Composite out to external TBC to SDI

VHS – VHS C – SVHS using  a Panasonic AG-8700

Component out via internal TBC to SDI

Mini DV & DVCAM using  a Sony DSR-80P

SDI out via internal TBC

HDV using  a Sony HVR-M15P

Component HD out via external TBC to SDI

Betacam SP & Digital Betacam using  a Sony DVW-A500P

SDI out via internal TBC

HDCAM using  a Sony HDW – S280

HDSDI out via internal TBC

Small S tapes only